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March 25, 2018

The Torrid Zone Pups are hungry and time to add food other than what comes from Mom. They covered themselves in their first try of food and then licked it off each other, followed by Spark's inspection and clean up of the food dish. 

 One of the new Owners visited. The...

March 25, 2018

 This is Roxie. She is Wreakless X Blizzard's daughter bred by Me, owned by Christie Barnes in New Smyrna Beach. Christie owned a small Maltese before getting a Portuguese Water Dog. I love Christie's attitude towards having active dog. She keeps Roxie busy doing Agili...

March 18, 2018

At the Show in Louisville Kentucky, sponsored by the Evansville Kennel Club with a competitive line up of seven top boys, a total of ten specials judged by Mrs. Donna Buxton, our female, GCH Gold Torrid Zone's Smoke From A Distant Fire, "Blaze" won Best of Breed. Owner...

March 18, 2018

We hosted a training event at our property yesterday for the Regional Club the United Sunshine States PWD Club. Tom and Judy Leather did a fantastic job of instructing members training for water on land before taking it to water. The event was lots of fun and they had...

March 13, 2018

It is starting my favorite time of their progress when their eyes begin to open and they realize the warm body they have been snuggling against may actually be a friend to interact with. I hesitate to say "play" at this point because it's more like let me taste your no...

March 11, 2018

The litter is starting on their feet. They pull themselves up and try to walk but sometimes this ends up in a tumble rolling over completely onto their backs. Mom spends more time away from the whelping box now, but at night she watches over them carefully. 

March 9, 2018

Spark's pups were born on the 3rd of March. Six boys, two girls, all wavy. The two girls are brown, and two of the boys are brown. I'm please that two of the black boys are entirely black. All the puppies are healthy growing strong and demanding Mom's attention.

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